Our endowment supports our dream of having a Hmong Women’s Center within the City of St. Paul that serves Hmong women and girls and enables us to meet our mission. The Hmong Women’s Center will give us a space and place for social, institutional, and cultural change to occur to improve the lives of Hmong women.

The Hmong Women’s Center will be a four or five bedroom house with a large backyard that will help us do the following:  

  1. To develop, support, and celebrate Hmong women leaders.
  2. To support our social and cultural change work with families and clans.
  3. To strengthen intergenerational relationships with the transfer of cultural knowledge.
  4. To build a resource room with relevant information and resources about Hmong women.
  5. To respond to the needs of Hmong women so that they can convene about important business and social issues in a neutral space.
  6. To be our office so that key stakeholders can find us.

Donate here to make our dream come true. In the notes, please denote “Endowment”.