2016 Hmong Women Write Now

The artistic goals and focus of the 2016 Hmong Women Write Now project is to document stories of Hmong women’s leadership and to share these stories with the community to serve as models or examples of Hmong women’s leadership. Since there are few examples of Hmong women leadership in mainstream society we feel this project is important and very needed. A means to curating stories of Hmong women’s leadership is to enhance and leverage the skills and leadership of Hmong women leaders themselves. These Hmong women leaders will be the participants in this project who will be sharing their own leadership stories, or the stories of the significant Hmong women in their lives. We do this by developing the skills of participants. In this way, we develop the leadership skills of participants as we document stories of Hmong women leaders.

Curating Stories of Hmong Women’s Leadership: a Hmong Women’s Writers Retreat